When choosing a floorball stick, there are a lots of thing you may want to consider. This section should help you do so, but not all points you can consider are equally important.

Those are:

  • side
  • length
  • weight
  • shaft stiffness
  • shaft form
  • brand
  • grip surface


To choose which side stick to play with does not matter if you are left handed or right handed, what matters on choosing the right stick is to understand which side it feels more natural for you as a player. Left or right handed depends on which hand you put lower when you are holding stick.

Way on understanding which side you should play with could be as simple as close your eyes and think which way you hold a broom. In most cases this is how you hold a floorball stick as well, left or right hand below. Or ask someone to borrow you his/hers and try both left and right handed to see what fits you better.

Shooting LEFT means you hold your LEFT hand lower on the stick than your right hand and the stick is on the LEFT side of your body.

Shooting RIGHT means you hold your RIGHT hand lower on the stick than your left hand and the stick is on the RIGHT side of your body.


To find stick most suitable for you, first of all you will need to understand what stick length you will need to play with. It’s important to get the correct length on the stick. Because if you pick one that’s too long, it will be harder to control the ball as you get too far away from the ball. If you get a stick that is too short for you your game will not be as dynamic and fast and most importantly your back will be in uncorrect position slouched forward during your your game which will then lead to discomfort in your spine.

Measure yourself and check following to decide ideal length of your stick:

100 – 120 cm : 65 cm
120 – 140 cm : 75 cm
140 – 150 cm : 80 cm
150 – 160 cm : 89 cm
160 – 175 cm : 92 cm
<190 cm : 96 to 100 cm >190 cm : 101 to 104 cm
The good news is that you are allowed to shorten a stick. This means that if you buy a stick that is too long, you do not necessarily need to buy a new one.


We all follow trends and weight of stick is one which has changed quite in past years. More and more players tend to choose more lighter sticks for faster ball control and sharper shots. Well in recent market research you can see that attacking players tend to use lighter sticks and defensive players preffer more harder stick for stronger slap shots. With heavier sticks you need to be ready to put little bit more power in your shot to generate harder shot so if you do choose heavier stick then do so and work on your power.

The lightest high-end sticks don’t carry more than 200 g (in shaft length 96 cm), some go even bellow 190 or 180. Also good to know, lighter sticks usually break easier and technology sticks can be a bit heavier. A complete stick is often between 250g and 300g (lighter products between 220 to 250 g).

Shaft stiffness

The lower the flex number is, the stiffer the shaft will be. A high flex makes it bend easier. The flex of a stick usually range between 23-35 mm. This value defines the stiffness of your stick. The softer it is, the more feel you’ll have for your ball (at least to a value around 30 or 32 mm). But unfortunately you’ll lack power. While a stiffer flex is great for shots, a softer shaft is better for stick handling. In general kids should find a flex between 30 and 36 mm, juniors and women one between 27 and 32 mm, men one between 23 and 27.

Measured in millimeters, refers to how much the shaft bends under power of 300 Newtons, lower number means stiffer shaft:

0 – 50 kg : 32 – 40 mm
50 – 60 kg : 30 – 32 mm
60 – 75 kg : 27 – 30 mm
75 – 90 kg : 25 – 27 mm
Above 90 kg : 23 – 25 mm

Shaft form

Round and Oval grip shafts are common in floorball and difference in these are how they will sit in your hand. Rounder shaft will allow you to slide your hands around the grip more freely where oval will sit better in your hand. Also thing to note if you can`t decide which shaft grip to choose then consider round for more flexible stick and oval for a stiffer stick. Your choice of grip shape is strictly your personal preference.


There are many brands to choose from and all with different features and styles.
Most on how sticks and blades vary are the shapes of them. More stiffer and straighter sticks will be for more stronger shooting players where sticks with more curves and lighter sticks will be made for players who like to do skills and drag their shots. Differences in blades and shafts will be unique selling points for different brands and without you trying them out you will not know which is your favorite, but we can help you guide trough our range of brands in stock and their unique science.

Grip surface

The surface of grips doesn’t differ that much, as it’s the goal of every brand to produce a proper rubber material. Try to keep the grip grippy and don’t wait too long before you change it for a new one. A slippy grip can demolish your whole technique. Be aware that most brands put their thinnest grips on their series sticks. You might want to change it soon anyways.


Summarizing all this up we can come to the conclusion which is to find your most suitable stick is to try out different brands and different designs to have a feel of them. Weather is to try out your friends sticks or seeing us at our pop up shops across the country but when you finally find something which will feel right to stick handle, take a precise and strong shot we would recommend sticking to it and getting most of it to up your floorball game.