Wondering what is the best floorball blade? This short tutorial is made to make it easier for you to choose a right floorball blade for you. There are a couple of things you may need to consider:

  • Blade material
  • Blade form and hook

Blade material

Blades can different as much as shafts. And stiffness of blade can be the same as the shaft. Harder blade means stronger shot and harder touch to the ball. The softer blade will work better for feeling the ball and greater stick handling also passing. Sometimes you will find different blades sticking to the ground more or being really slippery. Soft blades sometimes stick to the surface more which leads to greater ball control and good passing where slippery blades will be great for shots as they bounce off the ground much quicker and do not lose power as you shoot but completely another way round generate more torque for shots! For beginners, we would always recommend softer blades so they can develop better stick handling and more feel for the ball. Players who tend to do more long distance shots always go for the harder blade as it will launch the ball at a much faster rate.

Blade form and hook

In general, there exist 3 blade types: straight/curved/hook. A straight blade will be not curved or hooked it will allow great stick handling and versility to your game. Slap shots, drag shots, backhands all of them will come with an easy as you can sometimes miss the sweet spot on a straight blade and hit it slightly out of the centre and it will still go the same direction you aim. Also, straight blades can be modified in boiling water for your own preference as they can change shape easily.

Curved blades are more designed for players who like to control the ball really close to their bodies and make their game with more stick handling rather than long distance shots. Difference between straight and curved blades are, curved blades you will use more with drag shots and need to be really precise with slap shots to hit a sweet spot in the blade if you do not hit the sweet spot with curved blade the ball will lose direction pretty quick and angle of your shot will go completely off. You will find that people who tend to play midfield or closer to the goal choose curved blades.

Hook blades are designed for players who want to learn or are implementing more skill in their game such as freestyle or zorro if you want to call it. These blades are modified at the tip of the blade with a hook at the end for the ball to sit in there and being able to lift it off the ground and even thrown mid-air. It is a great skill to have but as sometimes hook grips can be in the way and not allow you to hit the ball very precise. But with great practice and dedication, you can tailor your game to be played with hook blade and dominate the rink with unpredictable skills.