Here at I AM FLOORBALL we will talk and listen to our customers. Floorball players all around the world have different tastes on what kit to use and which brand to trust. Experienced players know how to choose what stick to choose or goalies will have the best feel for which knee pads suit them.

Floorball is a game of teamwork and passion, therefore we feel like these are the qualities we can proudly use to provide you with the best possible service you can imagine. So by shopping with us, our product will make your floorball to stand for I AM FLOORBALL!

Our aim as Floorball equipment providers is when we talk about choosing best possible gear for you we mean going the extra step on exploring what real-time market offers and talk to every single one of our customers for their experience and feedback. Some of us have 10+ years experience and some have as little as a couple of months but all together we have all the knowledge and expertise to help every single customer we have.

With an easy to understand website and information filled social network, you will get everything you need to take your floorball game to the next level. We all were beginners at some point and we can never stop learning new things to improve our game, therefore, I AM FLOORBALL will do everything that is in our hands to generate a wide audience of similar minded players and community to talk and share their experience.